2002 Photos

Our first Crutchfield MS150 Carwash! Ed cleans 'em out, while Tommy and Jimmy shinem' up.

Bruce and Jimmy puttin' the shine on Debbie's car.

Tommy and Jimmy - Working at the Car Wash...

Pat's been 4-wheelin again! Jimmy has his work cut out for him.

Jimmy is even amazed with his great work!

Inspector Jim's job is done once he can see his reflection.

Bruce with another happy customer - J

Saturday morning registration at Walnut Creek Park

Everyone is smiling Saturday morning. 150 miles? That'll be over in no time!

After months of preparation, the start is just minutes away for the Team Crutchfield Bikers!

Aaron feels like Tarzan before his first MS150. David is a pro after 13 of them, and Matt is geared for his second one on hist trusty mountain bike.

Jimmy, Dan, and Justin are ready to get this party started this warm Saturday morning.

Hey, there's Ed! Ed, get those shoes on!!! The bus is leaving soon!

Ed... you make us all smile. Are you still working on those shoes?

Team Crutchfield Bikers

Team Crutchfield Angels of reststop 1 - Amy, Tom, Tracy, and Debbie

Amy and Tracy preparing supplies for the 400+ they'll be seeing this Saturday morning at reststop 1.

Tom is all smiles at reststop 1, and helped out plenty on day 2 as well!

Reststop 1 - the first of Saturday's 8 reststops.

Ed, our biggest money raiser this year, is all smiles at reststop 1.

Amy and Matt, 2 year veterans, taking a breather at reststop 1.

With great food, service, and your favorite 70's tunes... this was one stop everyone made.

Judy and Juan always enjoy starting and stop "the greyhound bus".

Jimmy enjoying a well-deserved breakin the shade at reststop 3. Saturday was hot! Temperatures were in the 90's all days.

Taking a breather over the James River.

James River - just one of the beautiful sites on the tour.

It'll take more than 150 miles to straighten up these wise guys!

Dan and David, two of our pro's, enjoying the cool shade on day 1.

Justine, Matt, and Ed finishing day 1 at Longwood College.

The Longwood dorms were a welcome site to Ed.

Some serious carbo-loading was going on Saturday night at the Longwood College cafeteria.

Plenty of jokes and stories of the first day's fun, while enjoying the Longwood food.

Amy and Matt strolling the Longwood College campus.

The soft grass feels like heaven to Amy, Matt, Justin, and Martin on this day!

The MS150 Awards Ceremony is about to begin. Somebody wakeup Jimmy.

Team Crutchfield relaxes Saturday evening after a very exciting day.

Looks like Justin has the best idea!

Justin, Martin, Ed, and Matt look a little stiff Sunday morning, but another 75 miles should take care of that.

Several hundred riders gather for the start of day 2. The Sunday forecast calls for another hot one, so the sooner we leave... the better!

Judy, Juan, Jimmy, David, and Aaron are eager to beat the Sunday heat and enjoy the return trip to Walnut Creek Park.

Hey guys... you're headed the wrong way!!!

Much better... Justin, Matt, Martin, and Ed join in a little while later.

The fight to cure MS150 seems like a long, lonely road...

but together, we can help find a cure!

Waiter... I'll take 2 Powerbars please. Justin, Matt, and Ed relax for a few minutes at reststop 13.

As always, we met plenty of amazing folks - bikers and volunteers - throughout the bike tour.

Mimi running the show at reststop 15. Mimi, could I trade my bike helmet for your sombrero?

Linda making one of her killer peanut butter & jelly sandwiches while Mimi supervises.

Judy, Juan, and David thank one of the volunteers for his encouragement and help at reststop 15.

Mimi, Linda, and the volunteers of reststop 15 busy at work, while Gary (from Forrest, VA) loads up before completing 200 miles this MS150 bike tour.

Hold on to those shorts, Jimmy! You're almost there!

Aaron and Jimmy are all smiles with about 25 miles to go. Drink up fella's... the finish is near!

Ed sings his rendition of La Cucaracha... Andale! Andale! Arriva! Ariva!

Matt and others giving it their best this day for the MS cause!

The Three Amigos - Ed, Justin, and Matt... or is it the Three Stooges?

The finish line at Walnut Creek Park are a welcome sight for Judy and Juan. First stop... the food table!

Way to go Jimmy! You made it look easy!

Matt, you get bonus points for riding the mountain bike! But Justin still beat you by a bike length...

Everyone heads for the tasty food at the Walnut Creek finish area.

Lee, yet another one of our angels, sort out t-shirts at the finish area.

The final moments of an exciting weekend, which raised over $120,000 for the MS Society! Tremendous!!!

Lee, one of our returning volunteers, enjoys a well-deserved break this busy Sunday.

Ed, Judy, Matt, and Amy are tired but happy puppies after a very busy but rewarding weekend.

Juan is tickled silly with this year's outcome. Team Crutchfield consisted of 10 volunteers and 9 bikers, while raising over $3,000.

Way to go team!!! We'll see everyone again next year!