Wow!  What an amazing weekend, and what an awesome team!  Despite the intense heat, cranky riders, cramping, dehydration, blisters, bonking, flipping over handlebars, flats, and difficult hills... great fun was had by all.  We have pictures to prove it! 


The local MS150 Bike Tour was held last weekend in Charlottesville, and was quite a hit.  The event attracted over 450 riders and raised over $277,000 for our Blue Ridge MS Society's effort against multiple sclerosis... more than they've ever raised.


Many of you played a key role in this either through volunteering for the reststops, riding the 150 miles, participating in the carwash, or in sponsoring the riders with over $3,300 in donations.  It was an amazing team effort on the part of Crutchfield.


You should each be proud of everything you accomplished!!!   Each of you spent many hours working or training for this event to help fight multiple sclerosis.  Additionally, many personal challenges were reached this weekend!  Congratulations to each of you for making this such a successful weekend!!!


Some of the year and weekend highlights include:

- Raising over $3,300 for the MS Society... more than we've ever raised, bringing our 2 year total to over $6,000!

- Monday/Wednesday training rides during April and May, and probably more throughout the summer.

- Our first and rather successful carwash... washing 14 cars and raising $205.

- Great involvement by various folks: 6 volunteers, 9 riders, and hundreds of sponsors.

- Several new faces joining us as volunteers and riders.

- Plenty of teamwork by the reststop volunteers as well as the bikers helping each other on the roads.

- Excellent volunteer coverage at three reststops and both finish lines.

- Winning the "Best Team Jersey" award for the 2nd straight year (despite there being other new team jerseys in the competition).

- A Team Crutchfield rider was the first ever in the history of the MS150 event to successfully dismount his bike by flipping over the handlebars!  (We recommend you not try this at home.)

- Plenty of great laughs, good jokes, cool pictures, and improved health.

- Various great comments throughout the weekend from other folks about Team Crutchfield... our fun attitude, enthusiasm, and contributions towards the success of this event.

Thanks to each of you for sacrificing your time, energy, and funds to assist the 2002 MS150 Bike Tour!!!

Photos from the 2002 MS150 Bike Tour