2003 Photos

2003 Teams Crutchfield and Inova!!! What an awesome crew!!!

2003 Team Crutchfield!

2003 Team Inova!

A well-earned lunchbreak at the Howardsville General Store.

J explaining the latest cycling benefits of the Moonpie... the latest power snack!

Trevor, Ed, Jason, Greg - Hey guys, why is nobody sitting?

Frank, J, Pat, Michele, Tom, Jane, Wendy, Tom... uh, standing around Howardsville. Wendy must be the only one in the bunch with a decent bike seat.

Tom taking the dry route across the James River.

Jane, Ed, and Trevor enjoying one of the few flat roads on this day.

Tom enjoying the beautiful view. Anyone for tubing?

Tom and Wendy, ready for another ride! The Illuminite will come in handy this evening!

Our Earlysville meeting spot - Everyone's ready to roll.

Team Inova riders (Morgan, Becky, Frank, Tom, Aaron) enjoying the tacky, new pavement in Greene County.

The Geer Loop provides great training and scenery once again.

Jane on her lizard bike, and Judy on her toy bike... and begging for more hills.

Jane and Judy cruising Route 810 alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The MS150 begins. Judy, Bonnie, Tonya, and John working the Extreme Sports rider checkin.

Coach Judy, do you think I'll need a rain jacket tomorrow?

Judy checks in another happy MS150 biker.

And it's a lovely day for a bike ride...

Ready to start. Everyone have their showercaps on?

Nothing funner than fixing a flat in the rain.

Ok, how many bikers does it take to fix a flat?

Matt to the rescue!

Hmmm... maybe next year we should add a flat-fixing session to our training?

With Frank's flat fixed, Jason's next thought is the moonpies at the next reststop. See ya there!

Shower Cap Momma (Judy) and Mach 2 Daddy (Ed) at Reststop 3.

Michele and Jason taking a breather at the Day 1 lunch stop.

Sharon was doing the Macarena with the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches all weekend!

And Judy was putting 'em down as fast as Sharon could make them!

Michele and Judy enjoying a break from the rain!

Jason wondering if he should have brought his mountain bike out today!

Juan enjoying one of Sharon's delicious peanut butter & jelly sandwiches! Delicioso!

Dean, Ed, and Aaron looking a little too comfortable at the Saturday lunch reststop. Ed, you're only halfway there...

Meet Snappy, our new mascot!

Reststop 7 is always a pleasant sight for riders... plenty of great volunteers and snacks. Just a few more miles to Farmville!

Tom and Wendy (MS150 first-timers) taking a quick breather before completing their 80 mile trek Saturday!

Oh no! J has seen the Shower Cap Momma too!

The MS150 riders have enjoyed Carrol and Dave Blackwell's hospitality for years!

Everyone knows Bonnie and John - two wonderful volunteers who smiled the entire weekend while working Friday to Sunday.

Judy and J - founding members of Showercaps Anonymous.

Juan getting advice from J... "Remember, to avoid bonking, eat one moonpie every 2 hours."

Tom (also known as Fonzie) and Wendy are all smiles as they cruise into Reststop 7. Ayyyy!

Jane's looking for a little off-road action. Incoming!

Don't look now, the Showercaps are taking America by storm!

Jane asking "Judy and J, are those mushrooms growing on your feet?"

Juan and Judy's "Greyhound" is now departing!

J and his creativity... notice both hands on the handlebars. J has discovered the power of a self-timer, a small camera, and a big mouth.

Congrats to Wendy and J for finishing a very wet 80 miles in Day 1. J, maybe you should have a doctor check out that leg before tomorrow?

Judy recommending a well-deserved, hot shower for Wendy. You made it Wendy!!!

And the shower cap festivities continue!

Jane wondering... "Ok, now who's grand idea was this?"

Jane, this was all J's fault. Remember? He also came up with moonpie energy bars!

Kristen, Nancy, and Pat coming in for landing after a good day's work!

Tom, it's time for some dry clothes!

Nancy's ready for more. Rugby anyone?

Looks like we know who did all the drafting in this bunch. Right, Pat?

Kristen is all smiles after a very long Saturday.

So you don't remember exactly where you left your bike, huh?

Aaron and Frank talking strategy. "Ok Frank, if you pull the first 70 miles tomorrow, I'll pull the last 5."

Frank carbo-loading on... beer and doritos?

Yes guys, you have to do this again tomorrow.

Ummm, no Ed, I didn't promise sunshine and nice temps for this weekend. Did I?

Jane, enjoying the longest ride of her new cycling career.

Jason, how about we take on O-hill right about now?

J, Sharon, and Tom sharing a little R&R in the cafeteria after a very busy Saturday.

Now there's some serious chowing going down here!

Tom and the Inova team present Judy and Juan with a wonderful surprise. Carmello's here we come!!!

Ok, all those who were loafing today, please raise your hand.

What an awesome crew! Eat up everyone!

Judy, Frank, and Ryan stop at the ostrich farm reststop to try the ostrich jerkey. Yummy!

Plenty of hungry folks took advantage of the Sunday lunch stop.

It doesn't look like anyone will be leaving this reststop anytime soon.

...and now we see why... chef Sharon IS IN THE HOUSE!!!

Even after two busy days of volunteering, Sharon still has plenty of smiles to go around.

Congratulations to Captain Frank for finishing his first MS150 in speedy fashion. Must be the spandex shorts!

Salute to Americans, Judy and Ed, who take the Gold and Silver medals at the MS150 Olympics.

Tanya, Nancy, and company ran a spectacular show at the finish! Thanks ladies!!!

Sharon and son presented speedy Gonzales (Frank) with his $10,000 check at the finish!

Nancy, Tanya, and the MS friends put on quite a show during this very wet weekend!

Michelle is looking fresh as ever wrapping up her first MS150 in flying style!

Tom dances across the finish line, as he impressively completes his first MS150.

Here's Jason coming in at lightning speed... even new age digital photography can't keep up with him!

Another outstanding performance... Morgan wrapping up his 2 day adventure.

Karissa is all smiles with just a few miles to go!

Karissa has the finish line in her sights. There's no slowing her down now!

Now there's a serious case of helmet hair!!!